Expeditions 7 Website

Expeditions 7 is the story of a great undertaking by a group of Toyota Land Cruiser enthusiasts to set a world recod. Their goal, which has since been accomplished, was to drive the same vehicles on every continent of the world.

They wanted a site that would tell the grand story and document every step of their three-year journey.


Inspired by the amazing scenes captured by some world-class photographers and videographers, I created a set of cinemagraphs to give life to the otherwise static thumbnails.

One was created for each continent, from the sand dunes of Africa to the snow drifts in Antarctica.

Blog Time Stamps

As the adventure moved from one continent to the next, the Expeditions 7 Blog acted as a journal for the travelers. For each entry, a dynamic time stamp displayed the location in the style of a passport stamp.

Interactive Maps

And of course, you can't tell the story of such an ambitious journey without saying (or showing) where it went. To do this, we developed interactive styled maps to show exactly where the adventurers went.

Photo Grid

With terabytes of photos, selecting only a handful for each segment was no easy task. Galleries were composed using photos that best represent the color of each contient.

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