Hi-Chew Website

Hi-Chew is a fruity chewable candy that recently made its way to America after achieving great popularity in Japan.

They wanted a site to introduce their candy, make a big impact, and separate them from the mass of sicky-sweet competition with a fresh and fruity perspective

Falling Fruit Parallax

Hi-Chew Locator Map

Since Hi-Chew is still relatively new in the U.S., people were going crazy wanting to know where they could buy more. We wanted to provide them with a quick and easy way to find exactly which kind they were after.

The Hi-Chew Locator was complete with retailer listings from around the country. The "Magical Button" could take you directly to the nearest store in order to satisfy your Hi-Chew craving.

Flavor Drawer

While the initial state of the Hi-Chew website is clean and fresh, when a user opens the "flavor drawer," they are immersed in a rich, colorful, and active view.

This early concept builds on Hi-Chew's active lifestyle and Japenese originated brand values.

Favorite Flavor Campaign

Without fail, Hi-Chew's loyal fans always loved making-the-case for which flavor they liked best. And, by the way, I say that Grape is totally the best.

We set out to let the fans answer the question, once and for all, which flavor they thought was the best.

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